Accompanied by happy snowflakes and wild winds, Christmas is coming. During the merry holiday, all the trees in the city are decorated, and Santa Clause is ready to bring gifts to everyone. It is the perfect time of the year to make wishes!!

Event 1: Christmas Wish
Duration: Dec. 22-Dec. 28

1.Collect ‘Bell Ornament’ and ‘Golden Bells’ to participate in the event
Use ‘Bell Ornament’ and ‘Golden Bells’ to make wishes in the Christmas Carnival and obtain random puzzle shards

2.Make wishes in the Christmas Wish event and collect puzzle shards. When the shards reach a required amount, you can complete the ChristmasCelebration Quest and win loads of rewards. Rewards of each quest can be claimed once a day, and will reset at 0:00 every day
Click the Celebration button to randomly obtain 1 to 3 ‘Bell Ornaments’. Click again after the cooldown ends. Rewards can be collected after Personal Celebrations and Server Celebrations reach a required amount; Celebrations reset at midnight every day

3.Use puzzle shards to complete a Dream, and Dream Puzzles will progress by 20%, extra rewards can be claimed after progress reaches 100%; progress resets at 0:00 daily.
Use shards to complete Dreams based on random conditions; click once to obtain 1,000 Dream points and obtain an additional 5,000 Dream Points after the Dream progress reaches 100%

Event 2: Daily Free Timed Pack
Duration: Dec. 15-Dec. 24

To reward the players who have supported Dragon Pals all the time, we have prepared a wave of benefits during the Christmas! Log in the game to collect a daily warm pack prepared for you! Don’t miss out!

Event 3: Winter Carnival
Duration: Dec. 15-Dec. 28

1.Christmas Gift Chests fall at a chance in Demon Tower, Single Player Instance/MP Dungeon and Seven Dragons Dungeon; open the chest to get a chance to find Winter Socks and Winter Gloves; Winter Gloves can also be obtained from Glory Packs

2.Use Winter Socks and Winter Gloves to open gifts and get random rewards and points. Open one gift to get 40 points;

3.Exchange Christmas Points for items in the Christmas Shop (exchange when you can because the Points will reset to zero after the event ends). 10% of the consumed Points will be transformed into Snowballs;

4.Use Snowballs to spin the Wintertime Wheel for great items and golds;

Event 4: Christmas Sleigh
Duration: Dec. 15-Dec. 28
Description: Jingle bell, jingle bell…Dressed up in gorgeous Christmas costume and riding the Christmas Sleigh, Miss Angel is coming to The Land again! Superior gems, glorious gems and cute Dragon Babies…all kinds of coveted rewards are waiting for you!

Event 5: Christmas Tree Decoration
Duration: Dec. 15-Dec.28
Description: Christmas always comes with a Christmas Tree! Dragonians, call your friends to lit the star lights on the Christmas Tree! There may be a gift for you just lying under the tree!

Event 6: Christmas Forum
Duration: Dec.15-Dec.28
Description: See related event threads for details