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Thread: Paypal - Playspan

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    Paypal - Playspan

    OK *** ... one of my in game friends has purchased a $300 pack.. through paypal ( who send the money to r2games via playspan )

    He used paypal because it was advised to on forums because " Playspan are experiencing difficulties "

    so.. first off... why the hell are you telling people to use paypal if it uses playspan.. who we have just discussed are basically not usable..

    secondly... why has my in game friend not got his crystals

    thirdly.. WHY THE HELL are you trying to tell him you have not received the money, I have seen the receipt from paypal myself.

    The fact that you choose playspan as your payment provider makes you, Reality Squared, liable for their mistakes.

    Please kindly stop trying to talk rubbish to my friend ( username toiletpaper619 ) and get in contact with your payment provider before this issue gets taken any further ^_^

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    I have shown various amounts of proof.
    All of which was welcome with, "We did not receive anything on our end, please make sure you are using a valid card with sufficient funds."
    If the card was not valid, PayPal wouldn't have accepted it and sent the money to R2games.
    I've sent tickets showing proof ,via receipt, that PayPal sent $299.99 to R2games.
    I contacted my bank to find out that 300 dollars indeed withdrawn from my account..
    Now, PayPal does not need my $299.99 dollars, R2games does.
    So when I have proof that PayPal sent MY money to you guys, I am not happy to hear, " We did not receive anything on our end,"
    Money doesn't just deduct itself from my bank account and disappear.
    This needs to be cleared up immediately;
    If you can't give me my crystals, then give me my money back.
    Thank you.

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