All servers will be updated on May 5th. A beautiful new Angel, Mount, Fashion and many other new items will be added in-game. Plus, we've made some adjustments and optimizations to help improve your overall experience!

Keep in mind that this update may affect your in-game connection. We apologize ahead of time for any inconveniences caused. After the update, players should simply refresh their cache to see the new content and changes.

New Content
1.New Angel - Aurora, can be synthesized with 500 shards. Plus she has been added to Unbreakable Bond.

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2.New Mount - Bone Dragon, can be synthesized with 250 shards.

3.New Fashion - Futuristic Warrior, can be synthesized with 250 shards.

4.New Beach Decor: Volleyball Net, Life Buoy, Drinks.

5.New Fairy - Mini Headless Horseman, can be synthesized with 30 shards.

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6. New items:
★Headless Horseman CrestShard
★Windmill Token, Tulip Token
★Spirit Essence Chest, Khaos Core Chest and Grotto Heart
★Dragon Clarion (Nereida) Shard (this Amulet’s requires its Print and Shards to synth)

Adjustments& Optimizations
1.Players can now input numbers when purchasing God’s Trial blitz attempts.
2.Updated the loading page with Victoriana.

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Bug Fixes
1.Fixed the bug in which players were not able to collect Daily Loot (Spirit Essence) from the Fairy Raccoon.

- The LoA Team -