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Thread: Lunaria's guide

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    Lunaria's guide

    Name:  Svar foto.jpg
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    Introduction: Like all drow, Lunaria is a master in the art of deceiving people, invisibility and take other people's lives. Its nature is cruel and brutal, with no mercy, remorse or anything like during battles or take the life of another being.
    Also how much of the dark elves, Lunaria loves the darkness and does not trust anyone. But it goes a little further. Lunaria not trust and respect even his brothers of race, perhaps because she herself feel inclined to betray them and believe that they also have the same propensity. The only thing she trusts and believes is his dagger, because it's the only thing she has full control. Among the dark elves, Lunaria and his dagger are known as The Shadow Blood, because the only thing your target sees to be attacked by it's your own blood gushing in the darkness.
    Tired of living in Svartalfheim, which believes that no one can be trusted, she decided to travel between worlds and find teachers who have to use their deadly skills.

    Skins :
    Name:  Svar Default.png
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Size:  301.3 KBName:  Killer Incarnate.png
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Size:  372.0 KBName:  Harlequin Huntress.png
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    Abilities :

    Name:  (Q).jpg
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Size:  2.8 KBEclipse (Q) :Active: Pick a target enemy , the enemy will damage and slow
    Passive:Attack each basic will take the mana hero enemy.

    Name:  (W).jpg
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Size:  2.8 KBSilent Phantom (W):Pick a place to move ,Lunaria of a blink for selected place and if , and falling near an enemy he will take silence.

    Name:  (E).jpg
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Size:  2.9 KBPermanently Increases (E) :Passive :Every 3 Lunaria hits winning a shell
    Passive :Increases attack permanently

    Name:  (R).jpg
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Size:  2.6 KBNight Slayer (R) :Lunaria of stunning 1 enemy selected causing damage + Additional damage based on the remaining mana enemy.

    In game :

    It is then jungler abuse your mobility for ganks , in level 6 attempt to force the enemy that is stronger in your account stun and silence , do splitpush as the hero is very good for that .

    Broke towers and join with after team for teamfights when the enemies are to use (W) to silence to give all and then use their skills in ad carry.
    (Do not forget ,that is a killer , then your character is very squish).

    In the early game it is very fragile so try not to engage in 1v1 fights in the mid game it is already quite strong and can switch with enemies, depending on what build you want to use it can make a big difference in a team fight.

    In the late game, it will have a very high burst damage and its blink will have a much greater range, ie easier to get the ad carry enemy.

    How to play :

    First start with Phantom Cincher, 3 orbs of life , 1 orb of MP and one ward.
    Take level 3 and gank one lane that is set back (for combined tower), ensure slaughter the enemy hero and then return basis, when returning from the base, return your prompt boot (depending on what will be his boot) and 2 wards, then start to walk around the map ganking and taking kills.

    Lunaria's Build (SplitPush)
    Name:  Bota de guerra .jpg
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Size:  6.6 KBName:  Mascara demoniaca .jpg
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Size:  8.6 KBName:  Mace of the apocalypse .jpg
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Size:  3.4 KBName:  Ser celestial.jpg
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Size:  12.4 KBName:  Coração de Jade.jpg
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Size:  6.7 KBName:  Machado fantasma.jpg
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    Optional Equip's :Name:  Armadura draconica.jpg
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Size:  8.6 KBName:  Lamina de absorção .jpg
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    Lunaria's Build (Tanker)
    Name:  Botas de vida.jpg
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Size:  6.5 KBName:  Escudo do arcanjo.jpg
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Size:  14.3 KBName:  Benção do imperador.jpg
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Size:  6.3 KBName:  Escudo magico.jpg
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Size:  8.4 KBName:  Coração de Jade.jpg
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Size:  6.7 KBName:  Escudo Mithril.jpg
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    Optional Equip's:Name:  Armadura draconica.jpg
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Size:  8.6 KBName:  Força de Gaia.jpg
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    MATCH ID :32074106
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    Hi there,

    if you want to make a guild, would be good if you add more things like, what is the best build for Lunaria, which skills need to be maxed first, what is her position in team fights, etc.. You just rewrited her abillities which everyone can find in her ingame info.
    And the last most important thing, don't use CAPSLOCK if you want to write guide.. My eyes just bleeding.

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    xD Okay ill gonna edit this

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