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Thread: Update for Maintenance

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    Quote Originally Posted by R253087037 View Post
    tried upgrading my Eud on my level 59 chars.. and it wont let me. I click the Eud stones and it only gives the option to sell them.. not to use them. not even during the event today. not sure how people have a rank 2 when there clearly is no way to upgrade it yet. hoping this is fixed soon as my chars could really use that increase in br.
    Quote Originally Posted by stankaldenbach View Post
    lvl 55+ now has acces to eudaemon and enchanted rings,we dont have the tabs to upgrade them,however i just obtained temporary blessing points for eudaemon and when i click them i get the upgrading tab. will try later today to actually upgrade them
    Like stan said you only need the points from event to do it

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    Is released to open the rings, why not release its use at level 50-59

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    if you want to wait for the event to boost the eudemon lvl you can, but if you want to use eudaemon crystals to boost the morphs you can actually do that anytime you want. if you double click a completed morph it also takes you to the eudaemon page and you can use the crystals there, but my advice is don't actually activate the new morph until you get another one that way you can keep accessing the page.

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    Since they released the enchanted rings, why do not they soon enable them to level 50-59?

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    Very good this update

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