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Thread: R2 Christmas Adventure 2016 - Presents & Prizes!

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    R2 Christmas Adventure 2016 - Presents & Prizes!

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at R2Games!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at R2Games.
    This year, we’re celebrating the festivities with a site-wide event, featuring fun mini games, prizes, and more! Starting on 00:00 AM in EST on December 24th , join us as we spread seasonal gaming cheer!

    Daily Check-in:
    Come back every day to accumulate points. You can redeem these later for sweet packs.

    YuleTide Star Rush:
    Help us light the star atop the tree… FAST! Test your speed and earn points based on how quickly you can make the tree shine!

    Santa’s Little Helper:
    The big guy is a little pre-occupied at this time of year, so it’s up to you to assist! Find all the missing items before he notices they are gone!

    There’s no shortage of fun activities and community events going on over the holidays at R2Games. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate with us, and win awesome prizes for your favorite games. See you there!

    Merry Christmas!

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    NO XMAS recharge for Aussie time zone nice. Thanks R2 didn't want a xmas bonus anyway.
    3am is the event that would get us the recharge. Thanks again played this game recharged with own money now you give a holiday recharge and cut us out thanks again rather annoyed by this. Any chance you can do 2 at 2pm and 2am so we can get the points needed for the recharge?

    Spaz. Australia.
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    When do we need to look for Santa's Little Helper outfit (14:00-16:00 Event)? It's 14:40 already. And... nothing.
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    why doesn't part 3 event finding clothes? server time already 14.00, but none of us can find clothes, never could. What's the problem? (S169 Europe)

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    I think is 14:00 EST time zone so for europe would be 19:00 i think

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    I found the sleigh at 3rd event and when clicked it , i got "System error, try again later" . Should that be suposed to happen?

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    I didn't see any sleigh or reindeer at 3rd event. Is it bug or not everyone are good enough for this event?

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    The sled and the reindeer did not come out, what happened?

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    same the reindeer and sled didn't appear.

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    nope. no sled or reindeer. I doubt we'll see them either. just seems like another bug that needs fixing lol

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