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Thread: r2 gift codes

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    r2 gift codes

    iam confused idone every thing right but still icant collect my code i tried refreshing but still doesnt work and yes the code was entered right please fix it Name:  Untitled20170117222045.png
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    I have posted 4 tickets so far regarding this issue. There are 3 leveling gift packs sitting so far that I haven't been able to collect. The browser was refreshed, the cache was cleared ect.. Short of standing on my head and whistling Dixie I've done everything I could on my end. Any suggestions?

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    Sir_Shido , S174
    I just got a code from the last forum event and look, It said Invalid Code. I put the US East so the code should be work well. Thanks for your help...Name:  code bug.png
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    Minstrel of Messages Maelael is just another poster. For now....
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    Looks like this is still an issue. I just filed a ticket in order to help me with the problem.

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