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Thread: Have a broken CSGW ? post you server number!

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    Okay im forwarding the reports.. but since its the weekend.. stuff might get alittle bit slowish .. lets hope for the best

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    CSGW BROKEN AGAIN can't enter server 110 jokerpoker.... this is not fair we had bet in our guild

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    lol what help are u ducky cant even tell what servers merged

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    s19/s42 and other bracet servers cant enter csgw

    i knew after the maintenance it will stop working like always

    error "player guild info not found"

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    yep AGAIN Doesn't WORK


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    Server 121

    Thanks for the incoming help.

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    csgw on s90/s93 does not work
    I told my guildmates its working coz i saw your post here Ducky, to get our hopes up coz its a dying game, but you broke our hearts when we saw its not working

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    s122 not working

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