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Thread: Have a broken CSGW ? post you server number!

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    Ducky, please check S55/58/61/72/75 none of us able to get in CSGW, altho none of us get further this month but really hope we will able to enter CSGW next month, thanking you in advance for the help

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    Hello ;3 ,
    can you please tell me what's the message that appears to you when you try to get in the CSGW , or even better , a screenshot to make it easier on me describing what's going on to the guys fixing the bugs

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    The message we get : cannot locate Guild Information. Sorry we can not provide any SS

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    okies i'm forwarding it

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    S91/93/94/96 it worked for 2 fights then it broke again.

    Name:  csgw.jpg
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    CSGW of s126 is broken
    Please fix it faster than u can!!

    Ramb0 of s126

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    Thank you R2!
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    Its usless to hope for anything they break the game evrytime they do maint

    (hardy$boy) server 73

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    broken again !!! S73
    Kali S73

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    Adding two servers too it CSGW broken. Cant enter. Message: Players guild info not found.

    S124 Western Waste

    S48 Orcmoor Marsh
    LadyDragon S124 / ClaireSorcha S48

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