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Thread: Lunaria Story Maintenance on 23rd February at 10.00 AM (GMT+8)

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    Customer Service Representative R2_Didem and their posts have made people go 'meh'.
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    Lunaria Story Maintenance on 23rd February at 10.00 AM (GMT+8)

    Hi heroes,

    All Lunaria Story servers will be having a maintenance on 23rd February at 10.00 AM (GMT+8). The maintenance will last for 2 hours, please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    Please log out before the maintenance to avoid any losses for you. Thank you for your understanding!

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    Priest of Pontifications iamdestroyer is just another poster. For now.... iamdestroyer's Avatar
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    First time I have seen a Admin with a negative reputation on forums. Wonder if the maintenance will be on time.
    Learned to be a ICD coder. Learning how to be a programmer.

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    The game has been stuck with version 1.62 and china server is around 3-4.0 Version. No need to wonder why the admin has such a bad reputation :P
    the game never updated and been only sucking people's wallets.

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    We have been sending suggestions and event changes to the development team over the past 2 weeks.
    Please keep a check on the forums for updates and event changes, as we get no advance warning of what events we might get.

    We have a new team in place so we are trying to make changes, The teams focus is to get the Devs into making improvements.
    I can't make any promises, but we will try our best!

    LS Team
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    can u fix this problems there so many pilot in s104 can u solve this

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    lol, it's been two years since the 1.62 update and you're only discussing changes now? if only gamedp was the main "English" parent of this game, it might've had the chance to upgrade to 3.0

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