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Thread: What events are not working right now?

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    Hello My Costume is like Jeda's you can put it on but in game he is naked can you please fix mine to would be great taName:  2017-03-10 12_21_19-[S64] Knights of Light-Stormthrone at R2Games.com - Waterfox.png
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Size:  509.1 KBName:  2017-03-10 12_20_31-[S64] Knights of Light-Stormthrone at R2Games.com - Waterfox.png
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    S64 - mount rush isn't working. I used 30 jade steeds and the progress is still at zero. I opened a ticket and sent in screenshots, although, idk how u can tell that I used any. I showed my inventory which has around 100 of each item except the jade steeds so it should be obvious. Also the rewards for pet spin and pyrum spin are backwards.

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    well are they going to do anything? when is the game going to grow? give us some hope for better play we are loosing too many players from boredom.

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    can we change the time schedule of ore rush?
    so players from different time zone can have the chance to do it too

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    I cant make any promise on whether there will be any new update or when fix is coming, but I can pass the ticket number to the R2 team for those who experiencing issues from the game.
    Terms Of Service - http://www.r2games.com/about/termsofuse
    Ticket - http://support.r2games.com/
    (I am a volunteer and not R2 employee. Also, anyone ingame with my name is most certainly not me )

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    those treasury hunt "daily events" and some is broken guys...please fix it and the lag too. PS: i do not care about daily events,
    fixed your lag already

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    Why dont we get any response to our Tikcets, that is my main question and the second is that doesnt R2 realize that they are having NTP issues at least Stormthrone has.
    20 second delay from realtime and 20 secs for spawn time also, that equals 40 sec delay.I can only say LOL.

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