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Thread: Forum Competition - Draw Your Favorite Character

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    Customer Service Representative R2_Didem and their posts have made people go 'meh'.
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    Forum Competition - Draw Your Favorite Character

    Event Time: 9/3/2017 00:00 - 31/3/2017 23:59
    Reward Time: 1/4/2017

    Name:  Forum Competition.jpg
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    omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i dont know what to draw now thanks r2.

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    I'm doing it!

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    Im gonna do it!!!

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    Name:  17270854_10208171168947036_677363796_n.jpg
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Size:  101.3 KB Here's my drawing of my chr's for. Forum Competition - Draw Your Favorite Character

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    Skittles , Alxe
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    Priest of Pontifications iamdestroyer is just another poster. For now.... iamdestroyer's Avatar
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    Sorry but I'm going to win with my ultimate creation.Name:  yees.png
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    Learned to be a ICD coder. Learning how to be a programmer.

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    omg, i laughed so hard xD.............................

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    Name:  Untitled56.png
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Size:  7.7 KB I little something I like to call magic

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    I hope more people upload their draws, i dun wan that harry to win

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    Name:  1 (1).jpeg
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Size:  53.5 KB well this is my best that I can do. Still, need a little more work on the eyes.
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