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Thread: Forum Competition - Draw Your Favorite Character

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    Flyin' squirrel costume

    Flyin' squirrel costume
    OMG how do I make this smaller lol
    Oh got it but now HOW DO I DELETE MY FIRST ONE OMG hahaha
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    Wow I'm actually kind of jealous nice artwork

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    Thank you <3

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    Ohh, I spent a lot of time on that.I don't hope to win, but it was fun to draw my character. ^^
    Name - ✁Zapt™
    Server- S135
    Name:  B12aV_XISqM.jpg
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    Herald of Harkenings Mel3198 is just another poster. For now.... Mel3198's Avatar
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    All these pictures look so amazing!
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    Customer Service Representative R2_Didem and their posts have made people go 'meh'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuuha View Post
    Thank you <3
    Please let us know your character name and server name.

    Thank you.

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    when will we hear who did win cause it would be at 1april and it is already the 5th

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    It is Celi S132

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    Red face And the winners are......

    We enjoyed all your drawings and it was a hrad chooise to make but we found 2 winners

    And the winners are from the drawing contest....

    1st PLACE:

    Heona S39Name:  1st place.jpg
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    2nd PLACE :

    ✁Zapt S135Name:  2nd place.jpg
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    The rewards will be send to you monday!!

    Congratz to winners!!

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