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Thread: Quest Tracker disappeared

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    Quest Tracker disappeared

    Could somebody please inform the Devs about that??
    I see there are already 2 postings where people are
    missing their loop quests..well, I am missing my quest tracker
    since a few days now. Please don't tell me do switch browsers, clear cache or
    updating Flash Player because I did all that already. My guildie is missing his
    loop quests also...since today's reset....
    Also when doing loop quests with Little Helper, it does one or two quests and then it tells me:

    Dungeon does not exist. Please complete more main quests first.
    But I can do them without problems when using diamonds.......

    Any idea?

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    S295 Whispering Woods
    R2 platform
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    maybe it will appear when you have unlocked new quest/s when you reached a new level?

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    Have you tried to do dungeons manually?

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    The quest tracker did not come back when I leveled up :-(
    And yes, I did try to do them manually...I click on the quest,
    it takes me to the portal but then there is no place to go to just an empty window....
    Only skipping quest with diamonds works


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    I am still doing my loops with diamonds...would be nice to at least something from somebody

    S295 Whispering Woods
    R2 platform

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    I already answered here
    that issue was reported.

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