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Thread: csc and im missing

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    prepare ur self cuz its gonna be boring for 2 weeks hahahaha if no csc then there is no im :P

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    Devs are working on a fix...and a compensation, as Ydradial (sp?) mentioned, most collect all the rewards, so that would be 6 support passes for many.

    6 support passes would be 2400 return gold, actual, not to mention potential participant rewards for participating in IM.

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    Sorry if it sounded like i was saying it was player's fault... At least in my guild usually we collect the passes every round, open one and bet the other.
    I really recommend doing that. Waiting to claim rewards dont give any interest rate and theres always the risk to lose it. Same applies for CSC (when they fix it), better sign as soon as possible, or you can be out like already happened once to some teams.
    In the end, everyone knows we will get 1 pass if we were lucky cause no one had screenshots to prove and apparently IM records were erased -_-

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    Name:  Screenshot from 2017-03-19 22-29.png
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    screenshot from sunday 3/19. collected first one, but not saturday's win.
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    Same problem here in server 37 too.
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