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Thread: mount its gone- silver tiger, x-dragon, nirvana phoenix and meon queen

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    mount its gone- silver tiger, x-dragon, nirvana phoenix and meon queen

    Good afternoon, why were the mounts that were released when we got to elevation level 5 not showing up on the 698-golden valley server? The mounts nirvana phoenix, x-dragon, meon queen and silver tiger? They were removed? Or do we need to have a character level to pick them up?
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    With me too, the same thing, level 8 on the mounts and we won not level mounts. name: Sekhmet. Server: s698-golden valley- r2 games
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    i still got mine
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    you 2 should send tickets in

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    Send tickets for them and ask what happened along with the screenshots you both got. Include server number and your player name used.
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