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Thread: Game didn`t load on the 19th so I lost Divine Realm Hot Events Quest

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    Game didn`t load on the 19th so I lost Divine Realm Hot Events Quest


    I couldn`t login ingame for 48 hours and I lost the Divine Realm quest because of it, today I made 4 lvls and made a ticket to unlock the event, and still no answer today, so I loose today`s reward as well...what would be the solution for this ?

    S8 Captive Amora

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    I really really need those rewards from Divine Realm Hot event , I want the 2 evolves for warsoul as I already have the mount . isn`t there noone here that can help me? I can proove I can make those 2 lvls/day , it really isn`t my fault that the game didn`t load for 48 hours including the 19th
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    S8 Captive Amora

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    u got try clearing cache, cookies and browsing history? try closing other tabs. the connection is slow if you have bad weather.

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    You need to contact support http://www.r2games.com/support/?ac=ticket&ticket_type=7
    for your issue, as its up to them to make decisions about compensations.

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    is your browser n adobe flash player up-to-date?

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