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Thread: Guild Contribution Guide

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    Guild Contribution Guide

    Here is an excellent guide already in place for explanation of the guild page: http://forum.r2games.com/showthread....ht=guild+stone

    There are a few ways to get guild contribution- which can be spent on either items or passive skills provided by your guild.
    * Guild Quests
    * Guild Resource Battlegrounds
    * Starglade tour for levels 30-39

    Here I will review Guild Quests and Starglade Tour as well as how to spend your contribution points.

    The most common method would be completing your guild quests. You can find the guild quests by visiting the Guild Management Officer in Starglade.

    Name:  Guild daily quest.PNG
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Size:  261.2 KB Name:  Guild Quests.PNG
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    You ARE able to accept more then one quest. It is always recommended that you stay in contact with your guild mates as far as which quests will be done by who. You can only accept a maximum of 20 guild quests per day. Guild quests will refresh once per day at 10 am server time.

    Once you complete your guild quest turn it in again to the Guild Management Officer. Your reward for finishing Guild Quests benefits not only you but the guild as well! You also get 25 honor for every Guild Quest completed.

    Name:  GQ reward.PNG
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Size:  331.6 KB Name:  GQ reward screen.PNG
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    For levels 30-39 you are able to visit the NPC Natalie and do 10 starglade tours per day. This is a very easy way to get EXP, contribution and 5 honor. You can gain about 30% EXP per day by completeing these quests. Best thing: They are very quick and simple to do. Often requiring you to buy an item for a few copper, kill one monster, or just visit an NPC!

    Name:  NPC Natalie starglade exam.PNG
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Size:  223.8 KB Name:  Starglade exam.PNG
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    Complete your quest and turn it into the appropriate NPC as the quest directs

    Name:  Starglade Tour Quest reward.PNG
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Size:  195.1 KB Name:  Quest Reward.PNG
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Size:  215.9 KB --> Reward! Name:  Info box.PNG
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    These are just two ways to gain contribution. Now for spending said contribution. Once again visit the Guild Management Officer:

    Name:  Guild benefits capture.PNG
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Size:  303.4 KB Name:  Spending contribution.PNG
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    Contribution pack includes:
    Name:  Contribution pack.PNG
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    One other thing to spend your guild contribution and some gold on is guild skills. These skills come in handy and must be upgraded by your Guild Leader first before you can upgrade them for yourself. Upgrading one of these skills to level 1 requires guild reserves to be at 4 silver, to get that first level upgraded you will need guild contribution of 20 or above and you will need to spend 1 gold.

    Name:  Survival.PNG
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Size:  72.3 KB Name:  Reinforcement.PNG
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Size:  58.6 KB Name:  Defense.PNG
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Size:  73.2 KB Name:  Development.PNG
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Size:  101.4 KB Name:  Enhanced Control.PNG
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Size:  177.6 KB Name:  Skill contribution.PNG
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    Wow. Thank you so much Miss Araerris this advice has helped me TONS and saved me a lot of time and effort with out this i would probably be at lvl 30 by now but u helped me reach 38 in less than 3days THANK YOU SO MUCH !! please keep up with your guides because so far they have helped me LOADS! Thanks once again and i'm hoping to see you during game time xoxoxoxox

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    finally a guide for contributing.. im tired of explaining to this to my guildmates
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    about guild skills, if one member upgrades a skill, is it for himself only or is it for all guild members?

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    its only for himself

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    The guild master will make the skills avaliable by spending the guild reserves. It is up to each member to spend their own individual contribution and gold to have that skill apply to themself only. So once all the skills are open the guild members can decide which skills they want to invest in for their own personal character build.

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    Great guide. You've earned a +1 from me.
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    Thanks a bunch. I had seen a few questions regarding contribution while skimming the forums so felt it time to make a quick and easy picture-based buide on how to gain and more importantely spend your contribution. I hope it turns out to be pretty helpful for those new to the game.

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