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Thread: Support Tickets

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    Support Tickets

    I've been filing to support for two days now about renewing my VIP and i have received no response and still can't renew it. ._. What's up with that?

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    Sometimes when they are looking into a ticket, they don't always respond to tell you they are looking into it. If they got a large number of tickets before yours, then that also may be a reason for a lack of response. If you filed one ticket about this issue, then filing more about the same issue doesn't mean the process will go faster, it actually slows everything down. Have a little patience.

    In the meantime, does your ViP state (on your account page, next to the order history) show that you have ViP active for a month, or does it say it's expired?

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    2012-03-29 15:05:21 <-- start time 2012-04-29 15:05:17 <---- end time

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    When you try to renew, are you using the Join Now in game? Is it taking you directly to the pop-up I saw you post in another thread? Is it taking you to a payment screen at all?

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    Takes me to the screen where i click join now, and then gives me a pop up saying to check my status. But I get the pop up when i do it the other way as well. I just figured out what happened and why it's not letting me renew it. I have another char on the same email but on a different server, and it's VIP was renewed by mistake. Now i have to try and get that VIP off it and onto my current char. Any suggestions?

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    The email linked to the account shouldn't matter, because you are selecting a different server. Have you tried going directly through the store link so you can be sure the proper server is selected? http://store.r2games.com/

    Unfortunately, you can't transfer the VIP from one account to another, so I'm not sure if staff can move the VIP from the other server to the intended server. You can try explaining that situation in a reply to your existing ticket and see if it is possible, cause it never hurts to ask. You should also file a ticket with the other character to cancel the renewal for next month, if you don't want VIP on that one.

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    Yes i've tried that link already and it keeps giving me the same pop up, and alright i'll do that. Thanks for the help!

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    Nevermind, that wasn't the problem and i still can't renew the VIP. -sigh-

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