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Thread: [Guide] GuildMasters guide to Guild interface ~ Outdated, needs updating.

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    [Guide] GuildMasters guide to Guild interface ~ Outdated, needs updating.

    For those of you who have asked like I did and did not know how to do things in your guild here is a complete guide
    with photos on how to manage your guild. If there is anything I left out or any questions you have feel free to PM
    me and I will edit / add / remove items that will make this a complete guide.

    Ok first off to access your guild interface ( which you will have created by getting the quest and spending 200,000 gold ) you select the guild button

    this will bring up the guild interface, all actions that pertain to the guild will be done within this interface

    This basic panel shows you all information concerning your guild such as members, class, level, contribution, battle rating, and online / last online.
    From here you will select your action to perform on the guild whether you want to promote a member or uprade the guild.

    If you want to promote a member just left click on their name in the interface and you will get a window that comes up like this.

    Here you can promote, demote or kick a member.

    Ok now the important part.. how do I upgrade the guild. You do that by selecting the guild master channel from the guild interface.

    You will then see the following window

    Here is where you can upgrade your guild. After selecting the guild upgrade you come to the meat and potatoes of your guild in this window

    Each item once selected will tell you the exact requirements to uprade that skill including cost and upgrade cooldown time which is also shown
    on the main guild panel in the upper right hand corner as seen here

    Ok now that we know where to go to upgrade guild items lets look and see where we go to use these fancy new guild items.
    Open up the guild territories by selecting the button

    That will open the window where you can select the location / item you want to use

    First is the altar. When you click on the altar you have this window come up. This is where you get your guild blessings. The higher
    the level of your altar the more spins you get and the better items you get.

    Next is the guild shop where you can buy bound potions to help you out in your travels and battles

    Ok the next thing is guild skills this is actually a two step process. First the skills have to be activated in your skill tower
    once they are activated in the skill tower ( have to spend guild wealth to activate skills)

    Power Boost: Each level increases Strength by 20.
    Intellect Boost: Each level increases Intelligence by 20.
    Gold Boost: Each level increases gold production by 1%.
    Defense Boost: Each level increases Defense by 20.
    Charisma Boost: Each level increases Charisma by 20.
    Stamina Boost: Each level increases Endurance by 20.

    Guild Purchase Cost:
    All Skills Except Gold
    Level 1: 200
    Level 2: 500
    Level 3: 1000
    Level 4: 2000

    Gold Skill:
    Level 1: 20
    Level 2: 50
    Level 3: 100
    Level 4: 200

    After being activated in your skill tower you click on this button.

    Then you have to go to your guild skills button to activate them for your character.
    You must spend your personal contribution points to learn the skills.

    Next is the guild vault. This is used to store personal items if you don't have enough bag space
    or balens to purchase more bag space.

    Now the altar, shop and skills all deduct points from your contributions so just beware that the more you use the more you will have to pay to the guild.

    Ok now a few other things to mention here are guild intro ( viewable to the public ) and guild announcement ( viewable to guild members) pretty
    self explanatory ( guess they fixed the invalid characters bug during maintenance )

    Guild position permissions can be viewed by clicking on the green question mark in the upper right hand corner

    that will bring up each guild position and it's allowable permissions ( which i am posting here anyway )

    Ok one other key piece of information that you as the Guild Master need to be aware of is the cost for all your members. How you get that gold is up to you.

    *** WARNING ***

    Your Wartune guild is required to pay a fee on a weekly basis. The higher your guild is, the more fee that you will have to pay. You are allowed to miss 1 time payment, but however with the second Wartune guild fee miss, your guild will be disbanded – So be careful to pay your guild fee on time.

    Ok continuing on in the guild master channel there are other items such as change guild name, guild mail, transfer ownership, and recruit link

    Clicking on change guild name brings up this window Caution as this costs BALENS NOT GOLD

    Then guild mail Caution as this costs BALENS NOT GOLD

    Transfer ownership

    Guild recruit. This is the message that broadcasts in world chat so you can get new members

    Ok now on to guild events. This button tells you as the guild master everything that has been done to the guild such as new members etc...

    This will bring up the information window..

    And the guild levy button which should be guild applications

    which brings up the list of people that have applied to your guild and allows you to either accept, reject or ignore and you can do this
    one by one or multiple selections

    And last but not least the guild contributions which is the mainstay of your guild and how you get more guild territory items, guild upgrades, etc..

    This will bring up your contribution window which allows you to put money into the guild bank.

    This will also show todays contributions

    and the total contribution record of each player


    If you become inactive the following will be sent as a system message to you ( thanks to JimmyHumuHumu for providing this info )

    Title : Guild Master Transfer Notice

    Guild Master nn has been offline for 7 days. If he/she does not login within the next 3 days, a guild election will be automatically triggered.

    1.Any Assistant Guild Master that has been offline no more than 3 days will be the automatic candidate. Otherwise, candidates lower in rank will be found.

    2.Players with guild contribution of at least 100 have voting rights. The election will last 3 days and the candidate with the most votes shall be declared winner!

    3.If, during the election, the Guild Master returns, then the power transfer will be cancelled.

    Ok that's all i have for now. There are still a couple things left to cover and or update as the become available such as honor
    guild quarry and updates for things like the skill tower and vault. If I have forgotten anything or you know something let me know
    and I will update the post.


    Rev 1.0 Initial posting
    Rev 1.1 Added new image for guild territories, skill tower and personal guild skills. Edited a few items since they no longer apply.
    Added new image for guild vault.
    Rev 1.2 Added information regarding inactive guildmasters
    Rev 1.3 Added information regarding guild fee ( from gamelytic guide )
    Rev 1.4 Added information regarding guild skill boosts and costs ( from gamelytic guide )
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    hey off topic i just wanted to know how you post the pictures on here, i tried to post some in a guide but they came out horrible

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    i used photobucket and the IMG tag

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    What happens if member cant pay fee

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    not sure yet to be honest. we haven't had that problem yet

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    is there any max number of GM assistant and officer?

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    Anyone open the Vault yet?

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    yes the vault is used to store your personal items. It's additional storage space. Each upgrade so far opens 5 slots.

    And I have not seen a max number of positions yet. I have 3 assistant GM's and 7 officers so far.

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    good guide

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    ugh.. just want to be sure on some things.. about the guild member fee..

    Is the member fee a total paid by the guild out of the wealth?
    does the member fee pertain to each member? if so, does it come out of their own pocket?

    If each member is charged the 1k from their own pocket, does it contribute to the wealth of the guild?

    How is the member fee ranked? by guild level? or number of members? etc...

    Sorry, I've come a long way in understanding most things in this game, but for the life of me, didn't understand this one thing lol would like to be sure in order to warn members ahead of time.. hope you understand and thank you for a great guide, helped a lot!

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