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Thread: problems with loading

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    problems with loading

    yesterday and today the game is taking forever to load like if you wan to go do something or do a bounty quest and the load screen pops up it takes a long time to load sometimes doest load at all

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    Having the same problem. I have never had this problem before, but now I can score 5K+ on whack-a-mole and the game still hasn't loaded. What once took seconds now takes 10 minutes.

    I just loaded Serpent's Den in under 10 seconds. Temple of Ibalize has been loading for over 10 minutes.
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    my loading is eror too, loading when loading script at 5/16 at 58% is hang, always any problems here ? since 3 days ago ...

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    pls help us about the loading problem plssss

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    if this is regarding loading the game itself. we have a thread on it... if not i have no idea...

    I have noticed an increase in lag since last night though

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    Which server is that ?

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    Every click on everything ingame is a loading issue... Been over a week now. I do not understand why the tickets aren't replied to. Adobe flash is fine .I just dont get this.
    I'm getting so weary of it and also the white screens that kick you from the game.It's just getting too annoying to play.Thw white screen happens right before boss,g arena,BG... sigh.
    Stop adding servers and balen items ---> and please fix the problems we have with this game.

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    well, i have the same issue... it is s40 servers... i dont get it... i just log in to day and get lost connection every 5 minutes... the previous day was just fine...

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    Everyone try using Incognito mode(press ctrl+shift+N) in Chrome.

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    I do not use chrome and shouldnt be forced to.

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