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Thread: [Coming Soon] Converting Gems in Wartune

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    this one is really useful hardly wait to check it
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    How much longer till this will be available? I heard it was coming out and started saving all unwanted gems. Please let all of us patient gamers know! XD

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    hey!i'm hero!can u ad me all?

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    nice ty game master

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    Quote Originally Posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
    We'll be having another minor update patch in October. Between now and then, we'll be letting little snippets of what you can expect to see in the new update. For our first sneak peak, we have the ability to Convert PATK gems to MATK gems, and vice versa.

    Attachment 25021

    Level 1 to 4 gems can be converted to a gem of same level on a one to one basis. It will cost 5,000 Gold to Convert a Level 1 gem, 10k Gold for a Level 2 gem, 20k Gold for a Level 3 gem, and 30k Gold for a Level 4 gem.

    is that october or december?> lol

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    is it just going to be for patk gems and matk gems or are we going to convert block gems,hp gems, etc????......thx this is great

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    i been having trouble staying loged in

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    how i wish it will be Up for this coming PATCH


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    Now all we need is a way to split the current leveled gems so we can fully utilize this feature.

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