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Thread: Mage Guide to maxing damage and having some heals.

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    Mage Guide to maxing damage and having some heals.

    Server 47 Cupid: A guide by Cupid.....

    Lightning Bolt level 3/5 - Deals 106% +56 magic damage to a single enemy, increase rage by 6 points.

    Rain Of Fire level 3/5 - Deals 104% magic damage to all enemies. QTE boost of 25%

    Delphic Thunder Frenzy level 1/3 - (you will never use this spell) deals 225% + 250 magic damage to front row enemies.

    Thunderer Level 2/4 - Deals 235% +155 magic damage to a random enemy, 50% chance to reduce enemies casting speed by 100%. Last 2 turns, QTE bonus of 25%

    Heart elemental level 2/2 - recieve rage +2 each time you deal damage to an enemy.

    Mana Master level 3/3 - Magic attack boost of 15%

    Damnation level 3/3 - Deals 2500 magic damage to a random enemy and boosts all damage recieved by that person by 10% Lasts 5 turns. QTE bonus: rage consumption -5.

    Delphic Hell thunder level 1/2 - Deals 240% +250 magic damage to all enemies; 10% chance to add a binding effect causing inability to move for 1 turn

    Castinador level 2/2 - 8% chance to reduce rage consumption of next attack by 20.

    All these are based off of a level 40 Mage. I hope you enjoy thanks!

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    Heal? where's the heal? lmao

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    Max damage? So where's lvl4 RoF? For a dpt mage and not have it by 40 is fail. Putting random things together and call it a GUIDE to apply for the event I bet.

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    lol no need to make thunderer lvl 2 and no need to unlock delphic hell thunder. put those 2 skill points to lightning bolt and rof... i think and yeah wheres the heal?!!!!!!

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    no heal = not a healing mage.. hahahaha..lvl40 mages should have lvl 4 RoF, restore, and sometimes 1 suntoria (but most doesn't)

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    dodol pisan euy

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