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Thread: Tormented Necropolis

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    Tormented Necropolis

    hi can anyone give me an idea of how it is ?

    done with floor 100

    give me a hint please

    S[15]Shrine of Sakaiya

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    1st boss hit me 64k damage

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    hint? dont go there for now. that is the best hint i can give you.

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    first floor can be done 2nd has an ability that near the end increases his dmg with 1000%
    then he kills you

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    what if you archer and remove his buffs with skill ?

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    any1 can give me a hint? i'm an archer
    i just want to pass Catacombs L100

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    not recommended for now, it will just be a waste of crypt keys. you need better sets to pass this map. have patience for the next update for better chance of passing each level.

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    i see thanks for the info about that tormented necropolis

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