My case is a bit different with the other player that can't log in to server or something.
My case are, I can't log in to my wartune account.
If you ask why I can post this thread and still saying I can't log in, is becouse Im using another account in my PC.

Here, I set my PC into two account, "main" and "quest".
Usually I play wartune with "main" one.

But few days ago, when I log in, the screen are a bit...
Messed up?

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See what I mean?

So, I try to play with my "quest" account and it work well.
But today, when I try to log in with "main" account again, I can't even log in to wartune :S
Im not really mind to play with "quest", but to be honest, my "quest" tend to be more lag compare with "main".
So, anyone know what my trouble?

Oh, and when I try to open forum with "main", it's always "page temporary unavailable" but when I try to open it with "quest", Im not seeing any trouble at all =="

Hope no one confused with my explanation (?) .-.
Not really sure if it was the right place to post thought .-.