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Thread: " How to handle Wartune" (a new player's journey on a new server) (general advice)

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    " How to handle Wartune" (a new player's journey on a new server) (general advice)

    Let me start off by saying, Wartune is not for everyone. Some people can not handle the massive MMO mind-♥♥♥♥ that is Wartune. It brings things from MMO's and combines them into a unique blend with a
    new take on combat systems. Let's not mention Astrals!

    My name is Distressed Lvl 46 (Cash) Archer Server 1 ArmorGames (USA). 4th in exp total top 3 are mages 9th in BR 19.9 BR Co-Guild Leader of Helios #1 STR #1LvL 2 time GB champs (2of2)

    I got lucky and found Wartune on ArmorGames the day it started the 23rd of last month. So I clicked on it seeing it was new server and started right up.

    I was greeted by simple point and click story-line based tutorial, simple mechanics, turn based combat. What perplexed me most about LvL 10 and under for the most part you have no name. They make sure
    you play their game in order too even name your toon. I have played a lot of City Build RTS's (Evony in beta KoC in beta DoA beta) so the city building was not interesting until the Tree. The tree was amazing a great addition to the monotonousness farmville that is the internet.

    It seemed to set the tone for the whole game, prior too Lvl 30 it is really fast leveling you are rewarded at every turn it is simply amazing. These guys reward you with so much it was almost overwhelming you even get VIP for 2 hrs.

    Enough with the intro Wartunes really does not start until LvL 30, you then start too realize you have too stay playing the game a solid 12hrs aday too be a top player. You have too comepte in every aspect not too fall behind. Cash is King and Money buys this game, plain and simple. I use X2 Exp everyday I am VIP and you must must if you don;t do anything else but socketing rods and crypt keys.

    Sadly if you are not a cash player or someone with not a lot of time on their hands. You WILL fall behind I've seen many players on this new server just quit or being so depressed that they have wasted their time and money trying too catch up. This game is emotionally draining and only the dedicated and passionate survive. You have too make many hard decisions I even disbanded my own guild while in 4th
    place too merge with 1st. I did not feel it was right my 20-30 players having too carry the 50 or so non dedicated people (it was week 1). So we up-ed and moved that is the smartest decision I've made on Wartune, I lost some guildies and some friends, but if you are not 1st in this game you miss out on so much. At this point We've never lost a GB so that is 7650 insignias not too mention 2 1st place mails and 1 1st week guild rush event mail.

    Wartune has many highs and a lot of lows. You either stick too a strict regiment of this game or you fall so fast. My advice too new players who read this you're taking a step in the right direction by reading the forums. Make many friends and try your best to run MP's with the same players form a guild unity, and don;t be afraid too lose a duel. Chat can entertain you for hours if you have taken the time too get
    to know your guildies. I am sure they are interesting people. You will at times feel depressed if you lose the world boss knowing someone else is getting ahead, just work harder read the forums find a new
    way too look at things. I'm the highest lvl non mage it helps me feel better about being #4 in XP. If someone is surpassing you in Br ask to be a MP partner and learn things from them while grinding xp's

    Hopefully you Cash and buy VIP and Balens it makes everything better and in the long run the money you spend for socket rods and gems pays off in gold and daru as well if you can win early enough on the
    server. This game really is not non-casher friendly, Unless you dedicate so much of your life to it with some luck attached.
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    You only need 3 - 6 hrs to play Wartune to be competitive just attend the important events and you're good.
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    ... and this time will shrink even more with the Covenants that are coming.

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    i actually started around the same time and am not a cash player, however i am able to play a lot (off and on all day, probably 4 hours cumulative). i'm actually on the same server and spotted you immediately as a cash player. when playing against cash players head to head, i consider them npc-type bosses to avoid feeling bad about getting crushed by someone with uber skills, which is pretty much how npc bosses are anyway (nothing personal). i beg to differ with your opinion that you absolutely have to spend money to enjoy the game as i wouldn't spend as much time as i do in the game if i wasn't having fun. additionally, i actually get quite a sense of accomplishment from figuring out how to make my setup work for me until i can upgrade to something better rather than just solving the problem by throwing money at it, especially in a game where there is no true winner in a pure sense of the word. sure, you may win this battle and advance to higher levels faster but there are still levels after that with no foreseeable end in sight. it's a race with no finish line and the only measuring stick for success is accumulating stuff that ends up becoming obsolete almost as fast as you get it (even faster if you're churning through levels at a break neck pace). for me, the accomplishment comes in conquering each new level and it's challenges, and having fun along the way rather than having to churn through the game as fast as i can and never lose a match (although there's nothing wrong with that if that's how you chose to "play").

    the world itself is rat race enough without spending my free time on the hamster wheel and calling it fun.

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    This is a good guide. +1

    Time > Money in Wartune. If you can spend the time, and not the money, you're better off than someone who can spend money but not time.

    If you can spend time + money, you basically will be top 5. Haha.

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    Wow, do I beg to differ.

    I am a newbie, barely lvl 20. Not planning to spend much money or much time in the game. A couple of hours some days, not at all on most. I enjoy this game like I enjoy other casual games I play. I enjoy the occasional chat, the occasional group fight and the occasional gearing up and city building. I like Wartune mostly because there is a variety of things you can do and it reminds me of some old RPG worlds; overall I find it relaxing and like all the games I play or played it will stay that way. I do not care for virtual top dog rank or virtual fame or fortune and there is nothing to fall behind of if you are simply there to enjoy the journey and wherever it takes you. You will never be the bottom one, because there will always be someone new starting the game, taking things slow and enjoying playing it the way I do. I think Wartune is awesome that way. Sure, I get kicked by some players and kick some, that's part of the game and actually fun, lol. But I spend more time on the game campaign and quests anyway than in arena or tournaments etc. My take is that this is simply a game, an online game, to be played the way you enjoy it, period.

    So to new players who feel and think like I do, my advice is this: Enjoy the game, play it your way. Don't go for a given class or skills build simply because pple say it's the best. Don't do things you don't like because it is supposed to be the way it has to be. Do it if that is what you want to do. You may wish to learn through your trials and errors instead of copying self appointed gurus or following so called best paths; Spend the time you want to spend and the cash you can afford to and/or wish to spend. And above all, don't feel obligated to aim for the top rank unless that is what you are looking for in this game. You might find the game so much more fun that way. Imagine if everyone was the same class, wore the same equipment, had the same skillset, was 1st ranked, what a bore the game would be!

    And yes, it is a game. Yes it is for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to play as long as you enjoy what you're doing and like what you're getting from it.

    And OMG, it's enough of a daily challenge, slaving and working hard trying to keep up with the top dogs at work and following a strict regimen in RL, that the mere thought of applying that meaning or type of wording to a game has me *rotflmao* hysterically! Oh and seriously, if I ever get *depressed* and start having * highs and lows* over a game mechanics, t'will be time pondering how I find myself so blessed and fortunate and have no problems whatsoever in the Real World that I have to come invent some in the virtual one...

    Anyway, just an old crow who is starting to realize what the generational gap actually stands for. And it ain't the weight of the ages...
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    Is WARTUNE down today ... i am not able to load the pages .. pls respond the quickest ... thnx

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManVick View Post
    Is WARTUNE down today ... i am not able to load the pages .. pls respond the quickest ... thnx

    This shouldn't be posted here. Try support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManVick View Post
    Is WARTUNE down today ... i am not able to load the pages .. pls respond the quickest ... thnx
    Yes its down, go out and have some sunshine.
    Mesh With The Best, Die Like The Rest.
    Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

    Server: S62
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    what is sunshine ? where can i find it in wartune

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