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Thread: No free wings

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    No free wings

    why there is no free wings?

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    Knight of Knowledge CondorHero and their posts have made people go 'meh'.
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    Because its available for 1995 balens.

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    Or wait 'till R2 implement the free wings from original version
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    Quote Originally Posted by CondorHero View Post
    Because its available for 1995 balens.

    Your comments are usually fairly decent, but this is pretty lame and I get the impression you think it's clever. Rods are available for Balens as well, but can be obtained for free. Actually many things are available for Balens and for free or for vouchers.

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    there is a button called get free balens at the top on the timer tool bar.i managed to get a set of wings in about 5 days from watching videos and filling out some surveys and interacting with sites for 30 seconds and so on so that was called free main is over on ************ and we do not have a get free balens button so over there you pay 20 bucks or you dont get players should feel pretty lucky that the staff here as added a get free balen button.i do nothing on r2 but blitz modes i do the surveys while my main on ************ is in the altar for 2 hours and i managed to get wings i have no credit card so i have to do the totally free videos surveys and apps but i did it so you can too
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    rumor has it that wings are obtainable through wild chests... no evidence what so ever though... but otherwise your question is like asking why no free vips, when there's free trial vips.

    and again.. stop opening posts like this, there are planty of other similar topic.. just reply and support either one of them..

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