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Thread: Pristine Enshieldment or Enhanced Illusion?

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    nobody asked whether your a tanker or a dps or semi-build knight...rofl
    Listen up, if your a tanker knight the illusion astral work better since your build already has enough block count and that means higher amount of dodged damage, so all what u need is more dodge rate and that's what illusion does

    well for a dps knight ...I actually haven't seen anybody above lv40 and has the Enshieldment astral ..prob coz my server's highest player lv is 47. However, enshieldment should works better if it was lv5+ orange or purple, coz as u know every 100 block count = 3% dodge rate and upon successful dodge every block is -1 damage received

    just get both of em if your not sure ..or got enough money -,-

    Bring it on cashers

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    why not both?
    i use both astrals.

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