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Thread: Hero's Trials? need help badly

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    Hero's Trials? need help badly

    i just got a quest named Hero's Trials the quest says go to campain then click hero's trial but its no where to be found help plz

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    The quest objective is to kill a holy knight and the real quest name is The Legendary Holy Knight but as i said the hero trials is nowhere to be found

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    If you post a screenshot, I'm sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.
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    what should i do?

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    here it is but i dont find the trials anywhere

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    I believe you need to go to Desert of Palms. Its a translation mismatch.




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    You haven't reach lvl 50.... yet.
    That campaign will be unlocked when you reach lvl 50, it's on lvl 50-58 map ==
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