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Thread: http://www.************/ Version Versus Version

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    http://www.************/ Version Versus Version

    As I am aware, there are two seperate versions of wartune. Though completely identical(?), they are based on different servers. S10 on one server has completely different people and guilds then S10 the other server.

    I feel like I am screwed because I'm on http://www.************/ instead of feel like I am screwed a little bit for signing up with the the http://www.************/ version insteand of the version. I didn't know the version existed when I first discovered the game and feel like the activity on our servers can never compare with the activity on the version. I believe they are both owned and run by r2games and am praying for the day that the two versions merge.

    So I am looking Administrators, Moderators, or anyone else with pertinent information to respond: What are the chances of the two versions merging into one? There is no way I would be willing to start my character or guild all over again, but knowing all of the information you just read, what should my next course of action be?

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    There's almost 0 chance of any sort of merger.
    They are different companies run by different platforms. Some cross-server events are shared.

    My personal opinion:
    How long have you played? It doesn't hurt starting over if it's less than 1 week.

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