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Thread: What does "Rest" do with your mount?

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    What does "Rest" do with your mount?

    What happens when you use "Rest" for your mount?

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    Simple. You don't ride on it. Click -> Rest (you don't ride again) now click same button it will say ->Mount ->you're on the horse. DO it too often too much, you can't do it without letting the horse take a short brake (few mins max)
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    Not a dang thing except put you back on your feet. Nothing happens to your horse if you don't rest it. They should have used the word "unmount" rather than rest but it is the same thing. Only thing that changes is you are now on your feet and going same speed as other non mounted players across map and in dungeons.

    True story.. one of my guild mates was gotten with the "need to rest your horse or it dies"... he went on foot all the way though Void map. We still laugh our heads off at him because he is not usually that gullible.
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    Rest is a handy option that players can use in crowded places like the quild tree area, as twoo many horses butts do not make it easy to move around in there and click on the mysterious ore
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