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Thread: Free Crystal Guide!

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    Free Crystal Guide!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first guide that will help you utilize the free crystal system to its fullest.

    Accessing the offer page :

    1. Click free crystal button in game.


    2. Go to http://store.r2games.com and login.

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    2b. Next to products you should see [Free Crystal]. Click that and follow the process of selecting server/ character then click [Get Free Gold Now].

    There are various types of offers that you can do with easy offers yielding low amounts of crystals and harder offers(usually involving money) yielding large amounts of crystals. The different types are (easiest2hardest) :

    1. Surveys [Fill in questions and at the end you get your reward]

    2. Application Installs [Download and install program to your computer to get your reward]

    2. Mobile [Use your real cellphone number and sign up for the service to get your reward]

    3. Sign Ups [Usually require a credit card or important information to complete the process]

    4. Magazine Subscriptions [Buy a 1 year(+) subscription to any magazine]

    4. Group Deal Coupons [Buy a coupon]

    Thoughts- Obviously most people are going to do surveys and the a-team survey happens to be a semi fun game. Application installs probably aren't that bad but I can't imagine what kind of **** might be secretly installed if your not careful so I'm passing on them and unless u have a virus scanner I'd pass on them too. As of right now there's only one mobile offer but if you know the secret trick their EASILY THE BEST type of offers (assuming you have a personal cellphone and can afford 3 text). Sign ups are the middle ground because some require money/credit cards and some just require info. Magazine and coupons are just stupid in my opinion but might be useful to certain people.

    Verified Offers-

    Unverified Offers-

    Fake offers-

    Name: Halloween Survey!! , 120 crystal
    Section: General
    Info: Tried this one out and after completing 3-4 pages I got taken to a random page that was not part of the survey. Tried to go back but the survey was broken so I gave up.

    Name: Movie Game (The A Game) , 144 crystal
    Section: Survey
    Info: Fun little trivia game that is supposed to give you 144 crystal after completing 120 questions. I signed up, played a few times, and 144 questions later no reward. Also it DOES NOT show up on the Recent Activity page of superrewards.com which probably means its not working correctly.

    Name: PlayPickle - Super Mario Bros. , 132 srystal
    Section: General
    Info: Supposedly one program but your forced to download four. I didn't bother to use the programs but after waiting and not receiving my crystal I got rid of all the ****.

    Want to help? Reply here or pm me with the results of any offers you completed in the same detailed format I use so I can add it to the guide.
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    I wanna ask, GM said, when we did not get the crystal, see GET HELP to know why we do not get it...
    When i see the type of the offer i had completed, it written 'Pending',
    what does it refer to?


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    It means, you have not completed the requirements for the offer. You may check your lacking by clicking the Help for every offer.
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    how we know that we get the free??? that u said!!!!!!??

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    Press B or click the Inventory Icon in game. You will be able to see the crystals below the inventory slots. You can also see your crystals by pressing Y.
    With great power comes great responsibility.

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    there are no survey......????!!!!

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    Do the offers update on a regular basis? Like every 24 hours, every week, and so on? Are there other ways of getting free crystal? Because honestly I don't have the money to get anything beyond maybe a 5-dollar supply every once in a while (bills before games, sadly).

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    forgot to mention free offers and survey offers most of the time want u to do more surveys or buy somthing

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    Bump, nice guide.

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    hahahahah.... if you a gamer you must certainly have a money

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