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Thread: Could someone help advise me in a Pure Holy Priest build for the pve server?

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    Could someone help advise me in a Pure Holy Priest build for the pve server?

    New to the priest in Crystal Saga, but I've played alot of healers through-out my gaming life. Just wondering if anyone out there know a good Pure
    holy build? thanks

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    Seems this Forum is a little dead, Bumping in hopes of someone helping.

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    For Priest go on Pure Intellect and throughout the game all I can say is this character has a lot of buffs so do not max everything. BTW Recommended skills that should be max is Heal and I forgot the other ones I'll go check it out.

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    I have a lvl 49 pure healer priestess on Cragstone server. I go pure INT for stats and my current skill build is as following:
    Light Heal 5
    Holy Light 1
    Saint's Strength 5
    Healing Wave 1
    Guardian's Protection 5
    Pure in Heart 1
    Resurrection 1
    Blood Beam 1

    You can take Light Beam instead of Blood Beam for lvling purpose, it should have more DPS. However i light Blood Beam because it costs almost nothing and has no cast time. My skill plan for the future is to max out Angel's Blessing at lvl 50 and Circle of Power at lvl 60. But you may choose to not max Angel's Blessing and max out Healing Wave instead (many people would prefer this for a better aoe heal). Also you can get 1 Sand of Time at lvl 50 and reset to get Improved Holy Light instead of Light Beam/Blood Beam.

    For equip, I use Epic Saint Boots, Crown and Robe; Savage gloves; Pristine Demoni Necklace, Ring (upgraded from Dreamwalker > Ethereal > Demoni) with a staff having 3 shining emeralds in it. This set of equip aims for heal power maximization. My current heal point is 1400+, which results in 3k normal heal (3k7 with Saint's Strength) and 2k4 aoe heal (2k9 with Saint's Strength).

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    Thanks alot for the help, been going just that route from studying the skill trees.

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    Hi.. Im now full end priest lvl 25
    I haven add any skills point yet.
    So which tree is better for a full end priest that wanna do healing and maybe abit of dps?
    Wats the different between full INT and END heal?

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    I think as a full end priest, you wouldn't be able to heal that good. It would be better if you had chosen 1 int 2 end or so. At lvl 25, a full int priest will have 72 more int than a full end priest, which is translated into 144 healing stats. I forgot the heal mod for lvl 1 light heal, but at lvl 5 it's 187% healing stats, so assuming you max out that skill, your heal will be 1.87 * 144 = 269 less HP recovered per cast (compared to full int build). At higher lvl this will become more significant, especially when you will probably not max out light heal, and will not have more than 1 lvl of Saint's Strength or will not get it at all. In my opinion, it is better for you to focus on DPS alone instead of healing. You can try this following skill build for DPS:

    Recommended stats for this build FULL ENDURANCE


    Offense(This is found on the Blood Priest Window and this is the Left skill tree)
    lvl 1 Blood Beam 1/5 - Should Leave it at level 1.
    lvl 10 Life Drain 1/5 -
    lvl 30 Blood Pact 1/5
    lvl 40 Improved Blood Beam 5/5 this is the only move you get till level 80 therefore you would want to do strong damage before then
    lvl 50 Improved Life Drain 1/5 -

    Core Skills:
    lvl 1 Tenacity 1/5
    lvl 20 Bloodflow 1/5
    lvl 30 Enhance Circulation 5/5 - reduces DAMAGE intake, good for tanking and PVP
    lvl 50 Blood Guard 5/5 -More HP the better this give you 3k hp when max
    Lvl 60 Bloodfog Totem 1/5 - Very fun to play with provide you stealth

    lvl 10 Curse Mastery 5/5 - You want to get as much HP as you can!
    lvl 20 Curse of Weakness 1/5 - Very useful in dungeon and PVP -% of attack
    lvl 40 Ring of Decay 1/5 - Very useful in dungeon and PVP -% of defense
    lvl 60 Phlegmatic Curse 1/5 - Stuns are always useful, this is another 2 sec stun but in addition slows the target

    - provide high Def and damage reduction assuming u went FULL END
    - you be feared in Battle field at later levels
    - wont ever need to use Mana POT EVER!
    - will get loads and loads of Mana Pot good to vendor it out for some $$

    - No heal skills
    - Be very weak, without good equiptment
    - struggle to solo dungeon
    - struggle to heal instantly when low on health
    Or you can start investing in int for the next few lvls to make it hybrid stat build and try out some other skill builds here

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    actually as a full endurance priest you would be amazing as a Blood Priest as for wanting to heal the best healers are full int not many people want hybrids in the party as healers i would suggest that if you already went full end to go for blood

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