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Thread: guild chest in vault

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    Win a guild battle, be a guild master and give guild war chests to your members, thats all.
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    If you win your gb the gm gets 10 chests to hand out to members he/she thinks deserves them each chest contains 30 whips and 10 shadow crystals each member can get a max of 10 chests a week not sure how many the loseing guild gets

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    How exactly do you do that? Is there a "distribute" button somewhere? is it in the guild master channel? in the vault? or the inventory?

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    Straight from the patch guide: Additionally, following the final Guild Battle, the guild master of the winning guild may deliver special prizes to select guild members.

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    so the chests come at the end of each week? not after each battle?

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    yes, end of the week

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    just woundering did i read this right 10 chest per week for each guildy???

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    they can received max 10 chest each week.
    So it still depend on guild master wether he/she want to distribute it and how many he/she will give or just sending it straight to his/her own inventory for personal gain.
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    I am a GM and you click on the chest, says distribute and opens up guildies names, you then choose 1 or more for the ppl you select. NOW I have had 1 chest LOCKED since the last merge.. I have sent in a SS showing it is there and can't be used, that may also be your issue. As far as the amounts each team gets.. I only know 1st gets 10 chests, 2nd place 9.. since this one remains locks it is causing issues and I can only do 8 ppl.. Hope that helps you..
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    After the guild finals end you`ll receive "guild treasure" and the guild master can put them in "the guild vault" and distrubute them. The guild treasure has 30 mount whips and 10 shadow crystals.

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