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Thread: Good Luck Charm

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    Good Luck Charm

    I am going to synthesize level 3 wing, but unable to use good luck charm (i have good luck charms in my inventory):

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    What should i do?

    SSSS. S.138

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    Jey for me good luck charm in synthesis not shown too ... i wasted a lot of balen cause i cant use good luck charm x.x -.-

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    I wasted 20k balen for nothing and i cant do the HOT event cause i have 8 good luck charms but the ..... is not workin (shown) in my cloth synthecises
    I hope I get a good enough compensation

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    goodluck charm cant be used with fashion core ... they work only when combining 2 item of same type

    fashion core has really low success rate wut evrr lvl u using them (beside first lvl) ... to my opinion they will mainly be used to discover new rare look, not to efficiently upgrade cloth/wing

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    the description is there.. u can't use fashion core with goodluck charm. reason because fashion core is lvl 1 item. u need to have both lvl 3 items or lvl 2 item. same lvl are able to use good luck charm

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