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Thread: Good luck charm for clothing synthesis

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedlySinful View Post
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    here is the screen shot.. whether I put up level 4 clothing or level 1 or 2 clothing, the charms do not show up
    You CAN NOT use good luck charms with fashion cores. Can only use when trying to synth 2 clothing pieces, like 2 pieces of lvl 4 clothing. When you have 2 pieces of clothing in the top 2 slots the good luck charm DOES appear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetani View Post
    I understand Wickedsinful. I ticket to r2 is useless also.

    Guys keep repeating the same thing.
    We are not wearing the clothing. We are not wearing the luck charm either as some smart ones say. We absolutely figures out that an item that is worn does not SHOW in the synthesis/conversion menu.

    -------------------We are not trying to use anything. We have not gotten to the point of doing something wrong. THE ITEM IS NOT THERE.

    And it is pointless to answer, since there is no answer about how we tried to do something wrong. It is a bug.
    read my above post, and go back through the thread, people have already said you can not use good luck charms with fashion cores, this IS NOT a bug.

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    You write and write and stil not understand, you cant upgrade v4 cloth with one fc, you need another cloth v4 for upgrade...idk how you vup this what you have but that this works

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    Again you can't use fasion cores with luck charms. That is how it is made. Not a bug just your ignorance to not understand what we are trying to tell you.

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    No luck charm can be used despite the success rate decreasing at every level with Fashion Cores!!! why ?? It works to take up your money twice as fast.

    What an absurd design! I couldn't believe it would be that much of a rip-off and non sense. Reading it doesn't make sense : to synthesise two items of the same level !?

    As schizophrenic as it may sound it requires TWO pieces of the SAME clothing (redundancy), and leveling them TWICE (with FCsXx) to the same level ! Then the Luck charm becomes useful... to bring them two to one of the next level!

    The logic would ask it to require an item and say an increasing number of FCs or Luck charms.

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    FC ican be attained without balens.. they made it that way to limit the clothing lvl of non-cash players..

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    Sorry to go off topic, don't won't Malleus to yell at me for necro posting, so i'll ask here. When leveling a special clothing item, will it always stay special, or is there a chance it will go back to normal clothing?
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    There is a chance itll go back to normal clothing Death. I lost my trendsetter levelling up my clothing. On the primary post about the luck charm not showing, I have used two level 3 pieces of clothing and the luck charm does not show when I try to synth them. The good luck charm show up off and on, and had to refresh several times to get it to show up with the same level of clothing. This is an ongoing problem with several people. While I believe the person posting the screenies might have done something wrong when posting the screenshot, there is a problem regardless. The luck charms do not show up sometimes, and it is frustrating to place same level clothing together to synth and the luck charm does not show up for use without a refresh.
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