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Thread: Media gift pack?

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    Minstrel of Messages RaMmA7 is considered so-so around these parts. RaMmA7's Avatar
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    Media gift pack?

    Where can we find that? MEDIA GIFT PACK? Someone please answer.

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    that is what i need to know to and ramma7 plz put on a shirt

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    Please Dont make many server. Just Put some trades on Lunaria Plzz

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    Minstrel of Messages maki6782 is just another poster. For now....
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    I signed up for the give away, however I have not received a link for the code or anything. Can someone help me?

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    Squire of Statements Skaiya is just another poster. For now.... Skaiya's Avatar
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    For the Media Gift pack, just follow the link and get the key. For the Newbie Gift Pack, go to http://ls.r2games.com and login your account. Click the Code Redemption below your username.

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    what gift to media gift pack

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    Where is the code
    for media gift pack for eternal saga

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