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Thread: about classes

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    about classes

    I congratulate the team of R2 Games the game, but I think I have a few classes!
    could put more classes or at least evoluilas.
    for example, a hunter coming to level 60, it evolves into a assassin.
    thanks for listening!!

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    All the classes at Lv43/44 get Divination where you can get Talent Points and Vigor. When someone gets 2,000 Vigor, they can promote their job to Novice Berserker(Swordsman), Novice Shooter(Hunter) or Novice Exorcist(Mage). There is a total of 5 promotion per class as of now.

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    thank you!!!

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    its my first time to play lunaria...im already lvl43...where can i get talent points and vigor?

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    I have a question " what is the high promotion for a character at this time?"
    for a hunter/shooter type character

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    Ultimate Hunter. the same for other classes as well, that is Ultimate Elementalist and Ultimate Swordsman.

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    So is there like a list or guide of promotions or something o_o I'm 100 vigor away from graduating from Grandmaster Gladiator to the novice sellsword o_o

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