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Thread: [Promotion] It Pays to Consume for Independence Day!

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    [Promotion] It Pays to Consume for Independence Day!

    Duration: 7/4 - 7/6 23:59 (Server Time)

    • S1 – S12

    Description: Spend Gold Coins during this event and receive unique rewards!
    • Spend 100 Gold Coins to receive:
    Lucky Coins: x1, Voucher: 50, 99 Roses: x1, Seed Box: x1, Dragon Coins: x50, Magic Coins: x25

    • Spend 500 Gold Coins to receive:
    Lucky Coins: x3, Voucher:200, 99 Roses: x2, Seed Box: x3, Dragon Coins: x150, Magic Coins: x75

    • Spend 2,000 Gold Coins to receive:
    Lucky Coins: x10, Voucher: 500, 99 Roses: x3, Seed Box: x5, Dragon Coins: x500, Magic Coins: x250

    • Spend 5,000 Gold Coins to receive:
    Elven Garments(7 Days), Bonbon Shard: x1, Lucky Coins: x10, 999 Roses: x1, Voucher:1000, Seed Box: x10, Dragon Coins: x1500, Magic Coins: x750

    • Spend 10,000 Gold Coins to receive:
    Elven Garments(30 Days), Bonbon Shard: x1, Snake in a Hat Card Shard: x1, Trickster Card Shard: x1, Lucky Coins: x50, 999 Roses: x2, Voucher:2000, Seed Box: x20, Dragon Coins: x2500, Magic Coins: x1250

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    Note: Consumed totals are cumulative. Gold Coins spent in the Market do NOT count toward this total. Players are limited to ONE reward, which will be sent as a gift pack within 48 HOURS after the activity period ends.

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    Herald of Harkenings Adrenalin89 is just another poster. For now.... Adrenalin89's Avatar
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    G.M better u do spam mail to all ppl after put ann in Forum, just a suggestion.


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    wahoo a nice one, lol to bad it not repeatable :P

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    is the there a way to know how much we spending for the event? i dont want later on i miss the prize because of one gold less.

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    dose the spend inclued gold spent in trade market?

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    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz damn no good

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    kailan makukuha rewar

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    [OutSkiLL] Sir kailan makukuha yang reward...:PureSkiLL Guild Master

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    Mage of Multitudes Bigblete is just another poster. For now.... Bigblete's Avatar
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    Hmmmmm Nope! Won't participate that event. Definately not worth it. Sorry guys! Next time maybe, if rewards are worth the money at least?

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    Even thought cumulative is not mentioned, I take it, it is correct?

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