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Thread: How to cancel vip?

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    How to cancel vip?

    Just asking because this is a serious matter, if i only pay for 1 month and did not renew it the moderator says it will automatically renew itself, so how can we cancel the vip? I dont want to be charge every month with vip. You can at least give us a message if we wanna renew it or not, its some kind of a scam, not telling us that if we use credit card or paypal we will be charge every month eventhough we dont like it. You got to fix this matter accordingly we now talking serious money around here.

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    You can go to www.r2games.com/user, scroll down and click on VIP State, and click the Cancel button.
    You can send in a ticket with a request to cancel, including your payment email, payment method, character and server.
    If you use PayPal, you can log into PayPal, view the billing agreement, and click Cancel.

    The VIP Subscription is a subscription service- meaning it renews itself as a convenience until you tell it to stop. There are other methods available for purchasing VIP that do not auto-renew, if you go through http://store.r2games.com and click the link at the bottom for alternative payment options.
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    R2Games Ticket System: http://support.r2games.com
    To check the status of a ticket: http://support.r2games.com/support/support

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    Thanks for the info Memory, much appreciated . i just cancelled my next vip billing thanks a lot

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    sweet I needed to know this cause I have vip 3 months in advance an was still payin a month lol

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