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Thread: DeadMaster's Rogue build...

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    COOL, hide and stun skill make me like GODLIKE, no people can kill me

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    im lvl 66 and nowhere near your stats my build was pure agi until lvl 30 then i went pure str (this was my first char and yes i know i messed up on stats big time) i only have 2130 patk ._. i think i need to use a attribute reset card.
    lvl 76+ Scion Rogue

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    is it different with crystal legacy ?

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    i cant remember the name of the char but according to what i saw.. she is pure agi


    with 7k patk
    crit rate is 58%

    with crit dam ag almost 300%

    imagine if half of the time, your attack is crit and you are a shadow

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    DeadMaster would you mind showing pics of your current gears please?

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    DeadMaster quit the game months ago.

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    inside your heart^^,<3
    Quote Originally Posted by jerikokelucuan View Post
    is it different with crystal legacy ?
    yup,totally different from what you experience.their only event was cash,cash...and thier forging system were scary,angel wings require 12 per try and hw there was 6g each...XD at first i was ***!hw cn a noncasher survive.this game was way better in my opinion just the timezone that bother me but still i live well without savage or slayer..
    I'm boring. X_X"

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    How the hell did u get that stats ?? 1k Heal for a rouge ? are u in Ladder or something ?

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    Juz a little bit and I'll reach tht PATK and I'm lv66..

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    What did you use for combat?

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