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Thread: [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance August 20th @ 10:00 PM EDT

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinzaza View Post
    now it is 4 hours more,,, but the server is still down
    6 hours just spent now.

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    Knight of Knowledge CondorHero is considered so-so around these parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlorinSGT View Post
    hy i`m from romania and at me is 10.11 so server should start ? right ?
    I'm from Zimbabwe. What time will maintenance be over?
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    like the ideal of only havin 1 md now gives me more time to help out all the guild members dont know y ppl wouldnt like this update

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    Runner Up for the Greatest Player in R2 Wartune bakuryuuha is just another poster. For now....
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    Quote Originally Posted by R226301670 View Post
    what's the homestred all about
    Its nothing and it will never be anything. Don't think too much on it since it's never coming out (seeing as the original wartunes already on patch 2.1 and there's no homestead there)

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    Since everyone has chimed in with their oppinions I may as well too..
    1. 1mp run- is AWESOME.
    2. Voucher and wb income decrease- Sucks
    3. v.i.p. mounts- who gives a ****.. if everyone has one, it's worthless, just like the starter horse.

    I play here to pvp.. if I wanted pve **** I'd re-up my rift, eq, or wow subs.. god knows they are WAY cheaper then wartune :/
    Anything that takes an extended ammount of time to accomplish is a waste of that time, MP dungeons being the worst offender. So Fixing that gives the patch a huge plus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ☣Toxic☣ View Post
    Ahh ok, I seriously thought the auction house/trade system had been implemented in the chinese version of the game. So developers just forgot to lower the requirements to craft, instead of on purpose? Then I apologize to R2, not for saying that they are greedier than a newborn babe suckling on mom's teat, but for saying they intended to be such lol
    heh that's ok, I think they're a bit greedy as well.
    Just saying the trade house has been on the chinese version from patch version 2, and what they got for 1.6 is what we are getting

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    Servers should be on right now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CondorHero View Post
    I'm from Zimbabwe. What time will maintenance be over?
    I'M from Hungary. It's GMT+1 so its started 3.00am. Its 9:15 now, so 6 hours spent Server will come soon ^^

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    Panda Guardian

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwSzain View Post
    do it with guys who needs it as well...
    Hmm true, I have a knight and a mage, both lvl 20-somethings, but I still don't have an archer.

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