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Thread: Master Thread Guide For All Your Needs

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    Post Master Thread Guide For All Your Needs

    Master Guide List
    Looking for an answer to a question and don't want to scroll through a dozen pages of guides? Perhaps you don't know what search terms to use to find a specific guide, or you are just in a rush. Or maybe you were thinking of writing a guide, but you weren't sure what topic to make one on. No matter what the reason is for needing a quick way to find a guide, this list is for you.

    Note: Some systems have received updates since a guide's creation, so you might find there's some missing information in some of the guides.

    Beginner Basics
    Daily Events
    Mount Fusion
    Great Escort
    Divine Blessing
    Star Shrine
    World BOSSes

    Marriage and Friendship Guides

    Marriage System

    Pets and Mounts
    Pets and Mount Skills
    Fusing mounts

    Events and Character Functions:
    Lover's Dash
    Magic Cards
    Battle Souls
    Class Prestige
    Upgrading Wings
    Territory Wars

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    in world bosses, who gets the kill? the first attacker, most damaged dealt? most damage tank? or last hit?
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    hi how can i change my class.. i want elemental one but i was able to click hunter..

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    Quote Originally Posted by R280840257 View Post
    hi how can i change my class.. i want elemental one but i was able to click hunter..
    You can't change your class yet, actually I'm not so sure if they're ever going to add

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