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Thread: New S65 Guild

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    New S65 Guild

    Hey guys,I will be going onto the server that will be released on the 29th september and I would like to start a winning guild.

    For anyone that would like to join, just leave the name that u will be on S65 and a suggestion of what you would like the guild name to be.

    My name on the new server will be VoidsBow and I will be a nature ranger.

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    Is this VoidsBlade? This is Idolized I'll be playing there also. If it is ill join

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    Yeah i'm voidsblade lmfao log on s63 lets talk on there xD

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    my name will be Revalation
    guild name suggestion Fallen Angels,Nightmare,BOSSlife,☼TRYme☼

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    still have no idea when it comes out -_-

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    it will come out 3hours and 38mins from when i posted this, as far as i know

    IGN: Noob

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    so 1 more hour 0_o

    IGN: KingTrix

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    'ello. S64 SlainAgain, S63 Dad here. I'll visit S65 for a week or so, planning to be a ranger or a knight. (Going to try Ranger I guess, never played Ranged classes.)

    My IGN will either be Praemorior, or BACON (yes that's right Shuji, you're awesome but I'm better.)

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    hit me up Dad haha idol here

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    You all ready for new server? Like 10-15 mins left

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