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Thread: "Excalibur" New Server Prizes! Seize the Realm!

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    Question "Excalibur" New Server Prizes! Seize the Realm!

    Excalibur New Server Prizes! Seize the Realm!
    The king has announced exciting new server events, to celebrate the release of the iOS version of Excalibur into the wilds! Send tweets, compose emails, and release the ravens! Call on your friends, lieged lords, and bannermen to heed your mission, and join you in your quest for glory! Be prepared to win STA, Blue Diamonds, and G-O-L-D! These events are only for the new server [S2] Mayhill, ye’ dotards, so all times listed are Mayhill server time (PDT). Please check the server time in the System menu.

    Event 1: Free Gold for All!
    Time: Ends at 23:59, 7 days after server’s release
    All players receive 500,000 Gold, 25 Blue Diamonds, 20 STA each day they login (Reward -> Gifts).

    Event 2: Gimme Five!
    Time: Ends at 23:59, 3 days after server’s release
    Players receive an extra 200 Red Diamonds, 50 STA, and 2,000,000 Gold if their first recharge reaches 4.99 USD (Reward -> Gifts). This applies to a first recharge during the event only, and is not cumulative.

    Event 4: To be, or not to be... a Fabled Hero
    Time: Ends at 23:59, 7 days after server’s release
    Players with the highest ranked Level will receive heroic prizes! Prizes will be sent at the end of the event through the Ranking system.

    • Rank 1: 2,000 Blue Diamonds, 200 STA,5,000,000 Gold
    • Rank 2-5: 1,000 Blue Diamonds, 100 STA,2,000,000 Gold
    • Rank 6-10 : 500 Blue Diamond, 50 STA, 1,000,000 Gold

    Event 4: Sign Up, and Shine Up
    Time: Permanent
    Every player who signs up (System –> Sign Up) will get a free gift pack code in their email. Redeem it (Reward -> Gifts) for some sweet stuff!

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