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Thread: yet again, no rune refining event, just as expected

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    yet again, no rune refining event, just as expected

    ^^ I guess we'll never get to know what this event is about, since R2 yet again disabled it, actually now they exchanged it with gold alchemy! *claps hands* Nice move!

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    How is that a bad thing? 50 balens for 60k+ gold is better than measly 20 rune exp, so choosing from two evils I would pick alchemy over rune refining.

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    Rune refining? i have no idea why people would want this to do. Balening runes, just like doing alchemy, it's not worth it xD
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    Well, Rune Refine event turned into Gold Alchemy event. LOL

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    Okey, excuse me guys for my lack of information, but rune refining would have work only with balens? When you use small runestones on a rune, isn't that rune refining as well? Since there was no such event yet I'm not sure of it. All the informations I gathered were the patch notes where they introduced runes, and referred to the feeding runes with runestones as rune refining. Thats why I thought this event would cost any balens for me but I might be mistaken.

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    why people say its with balens when we still didnt have the event?lol

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    Well, we still don't have the event and we never will...

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    *** is Rune refine ? Im lvl 54 not planing lvl up and my Runes ar att cap for my lvl so event totaly useless ?

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    Yet again someone moaning over nothing. r2 made alot of mistakes, we all know that, but they don't have an obligation to put in an event because you want it.
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    Hehe...this is funny
    Now u want event only bcs you think this will be rune stone-use-event.
    Look at discription and think guys, is same like in gold/daru alchemy
    So who care aBout this event? Want dream aBout this as free not balens thing? Go on when they finaly add this in next months...well u start whine aBout r2 why they add next balen way to obtain event stuffs


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