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Thread: Wartune 2.1 Preview!

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    Wartune 2.1 Preview!

    Wartune 2.1 is just two weeks away! In the meantime we're releasing a sneak peek of what's to come. New areas, new systems, bulk sales functions, and more!

    The 2.1 Version update:

    The brand new "Cloud City": Once reached Lvl.15, players can go to the Cloud City.

    The Map of Sylph Atoll

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    Upon reaching Lvl.50, players can go to the Sylph Atoll to get Sylph, Sylph Sepulcrum and Sylph Essence.

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    Sylph Arena:Once the hero reached Lvl.55, he can open the Sylph Arena

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    The new currency: “Bound Balen”:The voucher will be cancelled and it will be turned to Bound Balen as 20:1.

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    The Bulk Sale function of items in Inventory will be added.

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    • New Function: Recovery System
    • The Pay Back function of Roses will be added.
    • The Blitz function of Tomented Necropolis will be added.
    • The Adv.Technologies which can be improved by Kyanites, will be added in Academy.
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