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Thread: Eternal Saga Merger Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuruzu13 View Post
    Server Merge for s34 s31 and s27 plz few people on this servers
    s31 doesn't want to merge with s27 kuruzu

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    Herald of Harkenings RinKagamine386 is just another poster. For now.... RinKagamine386's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by DjBuddah View Post
    9 days have passed and no rewards, where are our rewards!!!!!!
    ah the good ol days of valhalla
    the good ol days when s4 wasnt the minority of its server
    r.i.p my friend you s4 acients will always be in me heart

    people i wish were still online rite now

    well thankyou for wasting 2 minutes of ur life to read this
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    S44 Lost Realm Merge ... Lost Days Signed In :

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