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Thread: Rune Refining??

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    Rune Refining??

    what that event means?
    refine rune? is it leveling rune or something?
    thk in advance

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    Upgrading... just spend 50 balens to buy/upgrade runes...

    YAY, another balen event!

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    ye seriously what are we even supposed to be doing. All other threads i found are about how it was broken in the past, but noone is talking about what needs to be done. Maybe its "broken" cause nobody even knows what the event is about :P

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    I say that long long time ago and i was bash now u have this quest, have fun


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    you have to spend total 350 balens to up your runes for 5 upgrades...or just ignore the event.

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    50*5 isnt it 250? or they increase after each refine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kang19 View Post
    50*5 isnt it 250? or they increase after each refine?
    same as any alchemy event 50/60/70/80/90/100....... better ignore this event and dont cry again

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    Herald of Harkenings kostaboda is just another poster. For now....
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    350 balen for 45 mount whip not a bad deal for me.

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