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Spirit Nova Dungeon Guide

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  • Spirit Nova Dungeon Guide

    Hey Guys and Gals!
    i have heard across some servers that Spirit Nova seems to be confusing for some so I decided to try to help by creating a guide. Any information missed just comment and i will update!

    First off this dungeon can be somewhat difficult just due to how monster and boss spawns are causing you to be spawn trapped. If this happens to you, open your map using the keyboard short cut "M" and then click revive and somewhere on the map. if you are killed out of range by the monsters or boss, they typically continue travelling to your last death location. Its this or patiently waiting until the monsters/boss leave the area enough to move away.

    Once entering you have about 1 minute before monsters spawn. Once they spawn there are 4 waves you go through. Once the final Monster/Boss has been killed, there will be about 1 minute before the next wave spawns.

    In order to damage monsters or bosses you are required to "Lure" or "Kite" the monster or boss into a trap that matches the type of buff it has. Thankfully there are visual effects that show what type of buff each monster or boss has. In total there are 6 traps and buffs you have to work with. These buffs and traps do spawn randomly! this being said, it happens frequently where the buff will not have a trap and you will have to continue to lure the monster around the map until they can match up.

    Be warned each trap also affects you!

    Below are the Monster's Buff Animations and the corresponding Traps.

    Fire: This has a Red Aura, as you can see it can be difficult to see on some of the Monsters, including the final boss.

    Light: This is a ball of light literally flashing above the monster, normally seen behind the monsters name.

    Ice: Although showing like they are frozen or rooted, they are still able to move,

    Thunder: The animation on this makes it look like lightning is crashing down on the monster

    Wind: This animation makes it look like the monster is standing in a whirlwind or small tornado!

    Venom: This Animation makes it look like there is a Green Fog or Cloud above the effected Monster/Boss.
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